About me


I draw, I sleep, I dream.

Hi and welcome to AbrokenSleep.com, the Home I slowly build, change and re arrange to house my creative work.

I guess I am considered an Illustrator, but I do a bit of design, dabble in a bit of 2.D animation and slowly learn 3-D Modelling as well. My current focus is the creation of a Web comic, growing my online presence and completing various freelance illustration projects that come my way.

Over the years I have worked on a wide range of projects including:

-Logo design.


-Event flyers

-Digital art commissions

-Traditional art commissions

-Comic short stories

-Tattoo design

-I know it doesn’t count, but I’ve re-designed this website a few times as well!

I have a variety of rendering techniques I use for different Illustrations. One day I am drawing cartoony cell shaded, the next using a heavy black and crosshatched style and again on a different day a more painted look.

If you have just stumbled on this Website or travelled here from twitch or twitter and liked what you found, I also do commissions of all shapes and sizes!


To get in touch here is a link to jump over to the contact page. See you soon!