Last weekend I finally started a comic, which then evolved into a webtoon comic which to me was a file option that I just overlooked and never really knew anything about, until a quick google search.

Webtoons originated in South Korea and are a type of digital comic intended to be viewed on smartphones or a vertical screen rather than viewed in a book, so instead of having pages a webtoon is created on a long vertical canvas.

After a bit of research, I noticed that webtoons are published as chapters or episodes and not as a single issue or story. This is something I think will work in my favour trying to create a web comic. Another thing that I look forward to experimenting with is story pacing and eye flow when creating a vertical comic. The use of taller panels, empty space combined with typography as a viewer scrolls down is just fascinating.

My plan was to publish a webtoon chapter in two parts, uploading one part per week with about 30 panels a chapter. That made it 3 panels per day including writing the chapter at some point as well. But after a week of putting the plan in motion I think it is a bit too much to handle and gives me no time to do anything else or work on any other incoming projects.

So, my plan changed to drawing two panels a day, timing myself and trying to keep to 2.5 hours per panel, making things easier but I worry about the amount of content I will have after a week and if it makes a publishing schedule take too long in between chapters.

I have managed to draw and ink 15 panels but still need to work on the lettering and decide If I should use colour or leave the art black and white. I find it hard to decide because black and white newspaper like style was my original intention and gives such a strong image, but colour can add to the story and give emotion. Even just a quick colour test on some letters made them stand out over the panels.

My goal over this week is to play with the 15 pages I have, trying some contrast using lots of black and then make a colour version as well. Maybe or hopefully, I come up with a mix in between.

Thanks for stopping by and thank you to the new viewers who have joined me during my Twitch streams and to the new followers on Instagram.