Merry Christmas

Rain or snow. Wolf or Zombies gifts will be delivered!!

Thank you for all the support this year! And being part of my Twitch streaming journey. This year was blessed with wonderful times and brought down by dreadful lows. But all in all I take it all as a win and look forward to growing through 2022.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas!! And all the best for the journey ahead leading into the New Year!


Happy Halloween

I was supposed to do something completely different today. But oh well, at least I managed to do a Halloween picture this year. šŸ™‚


Actually remembered to turn on the Time lapse function before drawing this time.


Since the last update I have made it to affiliate status on Twitch, meaning I can now have subscribers, earn revenue and upload videos, which is something I wanted to do since joining twitch. The next step on my Twitch channel however is designing the subscriber badges and Emotes.

The progress has been slow and have spent most of my Twitch designing time working on a starting soon screen.


Progress on the comic has been slow and steady. After doing most of the inks I started to play with colour, then found I needed to go back and add a lot of black to places I had left white. I decided on a one colour tone scheme and hope it will be enough to show characters in different times or locations. I am also considering other art styles for flashbacks as well once I am happy with the main art style.



I have also been working on a character illustration which stayed in sketch form for over a week before I found the courage to start adding colour to it. Having not drawn or painted in colour for a while it felt like I was jumping into deep water I could not handle.

But the picture has progressed.


My Twitch stream from Wednesday was my first as an Affiliate but after a slow start the stream began to build momentum and turned into my best stream yet.  I had a lot of fun coming up with a little Call of Duty: Warzone inspired sketch along with a couple subscriber suggestions for a BIG pic idea.



I am trying to work out a stream schedule which is looking like Wednesday and Saturday nights, with the latter being more of a gaming stream than art. If you are reading this and at all curious as to what we get up to then please come join us on Twitch.


I hope everyone had a week and I will update again soon.



Last weekend I finally started a comic, which then evolved into a webtoon comic which to me was a file option that I just overlooked and never really knew anything about, until a quick google search.

Webtoons originated in South Korea and are a type of digital comic intended to be viewed on smartphones or a vertical screen rather than viewed in a book, so instead of having pages a webtoon is created on a long vertical canvas.

After a bit of research, I noticed that webtoons are published as chapters or episodes and not as a single issue or story. This is something I think will work in my favour trying to create a web comic. Another thing that I look forward to experimenting with is story pacing and eye flow when creating a vertical comic. The use of taller panels, empty space combined with typography as a viewer scrolls down is just fascinating.

My plan was to publish a webtoon chapter in two parts, uploading one part per week with about 30 panels a chapter. That made it 3 panels per day including writing the chapter at some point as well. But after a week of putting the plan in motion I think it is a bit too much to handle and gives me no time to do anything else or work on any other incoming projects.

So, my plan changed to drawing two panels a day, timing myself and trying to keep to 2.5 hours per panel, making things easier but I worry about the amount of content I will have after a week and if it makes a publishing schedule take too long in between chapters.

I have managed to draw and ink 15 panels but still need to work on the lettering and decide If I should use colour or leave the art black and white. I find it hard to decide because black and white newspaper like style was my original intention and gives such a strong image, but colour can add to the story and give emotion. Even just a quick colour test on some letters made them stand out over the panels.

My goal over this week is to play with the 15 pages I have, trying some contrast using lots of black and then make a colour version as well. Maybe or hopefully, I come up with a mix in between.

Thanks for stopping by and thank you to the new viewers who have joined me during my Twitch streams and to the new followers on Instagram.


A Journey

So, after spending a little over a Month setting up social media accounts and profiles, I’m finally back to where I began. My very first Blog post.

Starting with absolutely no followers on every possible Social media platform you can think of will give you a good understanding of how much I have avoided Social Media, and how much of a task it will be to establish Social Media presence, then exist as a Comic creator and part time freelance illustrator.

I always loved the fact I was hiding from Social media and just enjoying my life with the wife and kids, but here I am. Slowly kicking off. Starting something, I have dreamed of, worked on, and avoided for as long as I can remember.

So, if you are reading this come with me on my journey. Join me on my path. My setbacks, my triumphs and hopefully to my goal.

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Thank you for stopping by and good luck with whatever your journey might be.