Since the last update I have made it to affiliate status on Twitch, meaning I can now have subscribers, earn revenue and upload videos, which is something I wanted to do since joining twitch. The next step on my Twitch channel however is designing the subscriber badges and Emotes.

The progress has been slow and have spent most of my Twitch designing time working on a starting soon screen.


Progress on the comic has been slow and steady. After doing most of the inks I started to play with colour, then found I needed to go back and add a lot of black to places I had left white. I decided on a one colour tone scheme and hope it will be enough to show characters in different times or locations. I am also considering other art styles for flashbacks as well once I am happy with the main art style.



I have also been working on a character illustration which stayed in sketch form for over a week before I found the courage to start adding colour to it. Having not drawn or painted in colour for a while it felt like I was jumping into deep water I could not handle.

But the picture has progressed.


My Twitch stream from Wednesday was my first as an Affiliate but after a slow start the stream began to build momentum and turned into my best stream yet.  I had a lot of fun coming up with a little Call of Duty: Warzone inspired sketch along with a couple subscriber suggestions for a BIG pic idea.



I am trying to work out a stream schedule which is looking like Wednesday and Saturday nights, with the latter being more of a gaming stream than art. If you are reading this and at all curious as to what we get up to then please come join us on Twitch.


I hope everyone had a week and I will update again soon.

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