A Journey

So, after spending a little over a Month setting up social media accounts and profiles, I’m finally back to where I began. My very first Blog post.

Starting with absolutely no followers on every possible Social media platform you can think of will give you a good understanding of how much I have avoided Social Media, and how much of a task it will be to establish Social Media presence, then exist as a Comic creator and part time freelance illustrator.

I always loved the fact I was hiding from Social media and just enjoying my life with the wife and kids, but here I am. Slowly kicking off. Starting something, I have dreamed of, worked on, and avoided for as long as I can remember.

So, if you are reading this come with me on my journey. Join me on my path. My setbacks, my triumphs and hopefully to my goal.

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Thank you for stopping by and good luck with whatever your journey might be.


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